Your Vacation Villa Matchmaker

Can you imagine a place where you come home, on an island far away.

Sun, sea, light, space.

A tropical country where you can vacation together all year round.

In a vacation villa equipped with every comfort.

Fun, togetherness, relaxation, and slowing down are the focal points.

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Let me help you

You’re about to choose for a seriously amazing vacation to Curaçao. And when you think about vacation, you know exactly what you want, what your desires are.

But you also know what you definitely don’t want.

In reality, there’s just one thing you’re after – that your vacation will be an absolute success. That you and your travel companions will look back on it as one of the most incredible journeys of your life.

Well, this is the moment to engage my wish-scanning expertise. Let’s chat for 10 minutes, and I’ll translate your holiday-happiness wishes into a delightful vacation villa in Curaçao.

Why am I so convinced this will work? Because I’ve lived there, I know my way on the island… But more importantly, I know exactly which vacation villas offer that ultimate ‘home-away-from-home’ sensation.

Your Gains:

  • Goodbye choice overload;
  • Farewell doubts and procrastination;
  • Hello time for other important things;
  • Plenty of anticipation;
  • Knowing that your vacation stay is expertly arranged;
  • And finally, I’ll be sharing all my favorites with you so you can discover the coolest spots and create new memories together!

I’m looking forward to it!

P.S. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen because it’s going to get hot!

P.P.S. Want more info or a sneak peek of the stylish villas I offer for rent? Just keep scrolling. Then scroll through or look in the menu bar on the right.

What Others Are Saying

"Since we couldn't decide for ourselves, Sandrijn gave us two options based on our preferences. We're happily matched!"


"Sonos playing, Amstel Bright in hand, friends around, sea view... Ultimate vacation thanks to Sandrijn."


"Extremely pleased with your enthusiasm and quick responses!"


"Thanks you so much. It's unreal and so gorgeous! We are very happy to be staying in your home."


"Bon dia! Everything is wonderful! We love it! Thank you so much for this home, such amazing service an all around beautiful experience. It's going to be hard to leave this place..."


"Thanks so much for finding us our perfect vacation villa. A real home away from home."


"Your place is a dream! We are all checked in and relaxing."


"I will definitely recommend you!"


"We never expected to find Curaçao so beautiful... Rugged nature, rich history, stunning beaches, the best restaurants. Much to see, much to experience. Sandrijn, thanks for all the tips."

John, Yvonne, Rita, Sven, Myra & David

"Thank you, Sandrijn! You ensured that we could enjoy the anticipation from the very beginning and then the wonderful vacation itself. Just as you say: HOLIDAY HAPPINESS."


"Sandrijn's choices in holiday homes are refreshing."


"Wow, what a beautiful house. Feels like coming home again! Thanks also for the drinks, snacks, and mini shower stuff."


"When we were stuck in a terrible villa that shouldn't even be called a villa, we reached out to Sandrijn, whom I had been following on Instagram. She went all out and arranged a delightful vacation home for us the same day. What she says is true, she has been in the villas she offers and knows what she's talking about. We love Curaçao and are booking our next trip immediately through Sandrijn."


"To be able to sit on the pooldeck, overlooking the Caribean Sea, was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. Sandrijn found us the perfect match!"


"Last year we stayed in the villa where Sandrijn lived with her family. This year she had a different plan for us. Another bullseye! We just got home and are already looking forward to her idea for next year."

Patricia & familie

"It's funny... I didn't know Sandrijn, but the fact that she had recently been in the villas she rents out gave me peace of mind. It gave me confidence!"

Johan, Tessa & Amber

"We wanted to go on vacation with two families and still have space for ourselves. Sandrijn found the perfect place! When can we go again?"

Casper & Chris

"Floating on an air mattress in the pool, gazing out over the sea... Our vacation was a dream vacation because Sandrijn listened very well to our wishes."


"What a beautiful house in a lovely location. We are extremely satisfied. The welcome was top-notch too!"


"We had an absolutely amazing stay at Sandrijn's home! It was even more beautiful in person than in pictures (if you can believe it)."


"We used to always stay in hotels for our vacations. When we wanted to go on a family vacation with our children and grandchildren, Sandrijn suggested a private villa. What an experience! Everyone had their own bedroom, we had a luxurious kitchen, and... our own pool!"

Grandpa Willem & Grandma Loes

"The vacation already started with the contact with Sandrijn: friendly, helpful & clear."

Bob & Esther

"When we couldn't decide together and what was supposed to be pre-vacation excitement turned into choice overload (as Sandrijn nicely put it), we called Sandrijn. She listened and came up with two amazing options in no time. Goodbye choice overload and hello pre-vacation excitement!"


"Sandrijn didn't exaggerate when she enthusiastically told us about the villa where we would be spending our vacation. The villa immediately felt like a luxurious home and was even more beautiful and spacious than in the photos."



About Sandrijn

Mom of four, partner-in-crime to Ton, over 25 years as an entrepreneur, loves baking (and eating) cupcakes, and binge-watching Christmas movies.

Details! That’s not what this is all about…

It’s about the delightful island of Curaçao and how I’m absolutely thrilled to share all the beauty that this sun-soaked, vibrant island has to offer with you. The island vibes, vacation bliss, holiday happiness…

If you’re curious to learn more about me and my ‘WHY’, ‘ just click on the “More about Sandrijn” page via the menu at the top right.

Island Vibes

Can you imagine a place where you come home, on an island far away.

Sun, sea, light, space.

The island where you can vacation together all year round.

A vacation villa in Curaçao equipped with every comfort.

Where joy, togetherness, relaxation, and slowing down take center stage.

You lack nothing

This is where you won’t want to leave.

Prime Villa Locations

“My” vacation villas in Curaçao are all situated in prime locations.

Think of Jan Thiel, Mambo Beach, Blue Bay Beach & Golf Resort, Vista Royal, Boca Gentil, Cas Abou, Coral Estate.

Some villas are right by the sea. I can imagine you’d love to spend your vacation there!

All villas are within a short distance from one or more beaches of Curaçao!


With year-round sunshine and summery temperatures, Curaçao doesn’t have an off-season.

The calendar year is divided into three seasons when it comes to the rental rates of vacation villas in Curaçao.

  • Mid-season covers the weeks outside the Dutch school holidays.
  • High season encompasses the Dutch school holidays, except for Christmas break.
  • Peak season is during Christmas break. During this time, homeowners rent out their gems for a minimum period of 14 days.

Here are a few examples:

  • An Ibiza-style vacation villa costs €320 per night in mid-season, for four people. For each additional person (up to a maximum of eight people), it’s an extra €20 per night. In high season, it’s €435 per night, and during Christmas break, it’s €875 per night.
  • For a brand-new penthouse with a private pool, it’s €375 per night in mid-season, for up to 10 people. High season is €595, and peak season is €1,000 per night.
  • A vacation villa with a private beach and pool on a gated resort in Jan Thiel is €550 per night in mid-season, €700 in high season, and €1,200 during Christmas break.

In addition to the nightly rental rate, there’s always a local tax of 7%, possible interim cleaning, final cleaning, and sometimes water and/or energy consumption costs.

Plus, a security deposit, which will be refunded to your account within a week of your return. If the amount returned is less, you’ll know the reason in advance. For example, if there are charges for electricity or if damage occurred. A good travel insurance is always a smart choice!

Interested in a quote?

I’ll provide a clear breakdown of the costs. No need to compare apples to oranges when choosing the perfect vacation villa in Curaçao – I make it transparent and straightforward.

Got a Tip?

Have you had an exceptionally delicious meal somewhere in Curaçao, explored a new spot, done or seen something unique? Maybe you’ve stayed in an exceptionally cozy vacation villa that I haven’t discovered yet but that offers the ultimate ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling…

Don’t hesitate to share it with me. How awesome would it be for others to enhance their vacation experience through your recommendations?