Curaçao: The Climate

We lived in our vacation villa on the island from August 1st to July 31st – a full year of experiencing the weather here. One memory that sticks with me is the week before Christmas when it was a bit “chilly” at 24 degrees celsius at 6:30 in the morning… By the time I returned from dropping off the kids at school, it was already a warm 28 degrees.

January and February are the “winter” months on Curaçao. They are sunny with delightful temperatures and a small chance of cloudy or stormy days.

March and April mark the spring months on Curaçao. Expect sun with the occasional refreshing breeze.

May and June might just be the most pleasant weather months of the year. Not too hot, with a refreshing breeze. Perfect for soaking it all in!

July, August, and September bring the heat with little sea breeze. However, the heat here is quite different from the scorching summers in the Netherlands. Cheers to having your own pool and the numerous beaches!

October, November, and December are considered the rainy season on Curaçao. These are summer months with a chance of a heavy rain shower, followed by clear blue skies.

Every month of the year is a reason to enjoy on Curaçao!